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LEED for Homes

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OnPoint is leading the way for LEED for Homes verification in Idaho. We provide technical, marketing and verification support to builders in order to support them in the construction of high performance, sustainable homes. LEED for Homes is a voluntary initiative promoting the transformation of the mainstream home building industry towards more sustainable practices. Be "On Point" with Green homebuilding - let OnPoint "LEED" your company to sustainable homebuilding.

A Green home is a high performance, environmentally sustainable home that is built to protect and maximize resources such as energy, water, materials and land. A Green home is healthy for its occupants and the environment. Green homes have many features that make them more durable, more environmentally friendly and more efficient. Often, people will refer to “shades of Green,” which is a method of classifying different levels of resource efficiency in a home. Homes with a few Green measures are called “light Green,” whereas homes with many Green measures are referred to as “dark Green.”

LEED for Homes is a national brand that consumers can look for to readily identify true green homes. It is a program created and promoted by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which is the nation’s foremost coalition of leaders from across the building industry working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work. The LEED (Leadership in Energy and environmental Design) Green Building Rating System® is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings.

All LEED Homes are third-party inspected, performance tested, and certified to be higher-performing than conventional homes. LEED for Homes is designed to provide national consistency in defining the features of a Green home and to enable builders anywhere in the country to obtain a Green rating on their homes. This program provides a complete framework for homebuilders, homeowners and local governments for building environmentally sound, healthy and resource-efficient homes. LEED emphasizes state-of-the-art strategies for sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

OnPoint is leading the way for LEED for Homes verification in Idaho. We have a formal responsibility for rating LEED homes. OnPoint markets LEED for Homes to builders; it is our mission to maximize the number of Green homes built in Idaho. We provide Green home consulting support to builders and we also train, coordinate and oversee LEED for Homes qualified inspectors and builder support staff.

Furthermore, we perform on-site inspections and performance testing to ensure that the LEED for Homes features have been installed correctly and to ensure proper performance.

When all of the LEED for Homes features have been verified, we issue a rating certificate to the builder for the qualified LEED Home.

Green Remodeling
It’s never too late to make your home more efficient and environmentally friendly. If you’re ready to update your home, OnPoint can help you refine your remodel project so that it not only meets your living needs, but also uses less energy and fewer natural resources. Remodeling doesn’t have to drain precious resources. Let OnPoint help you transform your home into one that is healthy, safe, comfortable, durable,  and sustainable.

There’s no better way to prove you’re environmentally conscious than to live it every day, right in your own home. OnPoint can provide consulting services on home design, house plan analysis, Green building and more to help you build a home that conserves energy and resources without compromising comfort and quality. If you want health, safety, comfort, durability and sustainability, consult with OnPoint.

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